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Who Are We

Fleury Manufacture SA was founded in 2017 by industry leader Jean-Marc Fleury. With over thirty years experience in watchmaking, he is also the founder of Suisse Précision Composants - a separate company, which produces watch components for Fleury watches, and some of the most exclusive and respected watch brands in the world.​

"At Fleury, we pride ourselves on creating the very best -from collaborating with inspired artisans, to innovating with new materials and manufacturing. Fleury is building positive relationships and a positive future".

Our Values


We are a family owned manufacturer, and have a deep integrity to our own values.


At Fleury, we believe in having a positive attitude towards our work, and a great optimism for finding solutions.


We don't just aim to build the best components. We look to build the best relationship with you, our customer.


As new innovation pushes us forward, we have made a choice to support a circular economy, by using sustainable materials and manufacturing.

Our motivation is to offer watches that are made with respect for the artisanal traditions of Geneva watchmaking, and the people who contribute towards it. With the purchase of our calibers and watches, a percentage is donated to Pro-Natura - a nature protection association in Geneva, whose goal is to protect and improve the natural diversity of animals, plants and their habitats.

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As a small and nimble workshop, we specialise in the production of very limited watches and unique pieces. This focus allows us to create watches that can be customisable and truly personal to you.

Our manufacturing philosophy is finding a balance between today's technology and the artisanal traditions of Geneva watchmaking. We take advantage of CNC machines for their precision and repeatability, while also using vintage instruments and tools in the decoration and assembly of components. It's very important to us that we preserve these handmade skills and knowledge for future generations.


We work in close collaboration with amazing craftspeople such as Vincent Grolimund - an independent watchmaker who specialises in complications and the development of new calibers.

If you're looking for a manufacturing partner for your own project, contact us at

Suisse Précision Composants to learn more about our manufacturing services and how we can assist you in your watchmaking goals.

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Select an image below to learn more about our creations.

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